River City Pharmacy is committed to doing everything we can to keep you safe and help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Our staff and customers are very important to us. Here is what we are doing to maintain a clean, healthy environment in our pharmacy:

  • Routine hand washing by all employees.
  • Hand sanitizer available for pharmacy employees and customers.
  • High-traffic areas disinfected multiple times throughout the day.
  • Free curbside assistance and delivery within Decatur if you are not feeling well and need medication, supplements, or other supplies. We can also mail your order for a small fee.

We do apologize if our level of service is less that what you have been accustomed to. Our dedicated employees are trying hard to make sure your needs are being met. However, disruptions in our workflow are expected during this time.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your health is our greatest concern. Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions. Our staff is happy to address any concerns you may have and offer additional health resources for you.


Curbside Ordering & Pick-up

Call us and order ANYTHING you need, and we will have it ready to bring out to your car.



We will come to you! If you do not want to leave the comfort and safety of your home, River City Pharmacy will be happy to come right to your door.


Wellness Consults

There's a lot we can be doing to protect ourselves from COVID-19, but the question is usually about where to start. Our Functional Medicine Pharmacist and Wellness Expert is available and eager to help answer all your questions. Click here for more information about our consultation services and what you can be doing to protect yourself from COVID-19.

Immunity Kits

There are a few other things you can do to prevent getting sick besides social distancing and wearing a mask. Improving your immune system response is one step toward staying healthy.

River City Pharmacy offers immunity kits that help your body get the nutrients it needs for the immune system to function properly. We have kits for prevention, infection, and recovery and all kits come with a complimentary hand sanitizer.

Post-Vaccine Prep Kit

Help your body get the most out of your vaccine while minimizing the side effects. This kit builds off of the principles that our Immunity Kits were designed from. Good nutrients in = good immune system performance.